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Египет » Видеогалерея » Sony Xperia SP touchscreen intermittent issue

Sony Xperia SP touchscreen intermittent issue

  • 8-04-2013, 04:48
  • 286
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  • Видеогалерея
Update: I have tested this workaround for a few minutes before I parted ways with the Xperia SP. It seemed to work during that few minutes, but it's too early to draw conclusions on without extended testing. Props to teyzar for his idea!1. ENABLE "Glove mode" in Settings -- Display2. ENABLE "Swipe" lock screen in Settings -- Security3. Press power button and release to Turn Off the screen4. Press power button and release to Turn On the screen5. Press power button and release to Turn Off the screen again6. Press power button and release to Turn On the screen, AND swipe to unlock phone========================================­========This is a followup to my earlier video( ). Since then, I have done countless trial and error to characterise the issue so that I can replicate it reliably at the Sony Mobile Service Centre to ask for a fix.Details:- Sony Xperia SP C5303- Stock firmware 12.0.A.1.257. Not rooted. Bootloader locked.- No screen protector/screen guard installedProblem:The touchscreen will intermittently misbehave when you put the phone down horizontally on a surface. The chances of it misbehaving seem to depend on:1. The material of the surface it is resting on.2. The location (eg. It fails more consistently in the kitchen than in the living room).3. Whether a screen protector is installed (Having one installed will make the issue more likely to happen. NOTE: In this video, the phone was tested WITHOUT any screen protectors).I believe my set is faulty because the touchscreen is malfunctioning without any third party accessories installed (like screen protectors and cases).Another user in India is also seeing touchscreen issues with his Xperia SP. His video was taken with a screen protector installed. Link: http://egipet-top.ru

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  • Написал: ali, 12 апреля 2013 12:21, Статус: offline
  • Группа: Посетители
what the name of this app !!
  • Написал: deepak, 15 апреля 2013 20:20, Статус: offline
  • Группа: Посетители
Hey...............my new xperia sp touch screen is not responding from last night..what to do????????
  • Написал: ilyich, 28 апреля 2013 16:00, Статус: offline
  • Группа: Посетители
are you have the same problem? or have the wifi problem? vote up this comment for have problem, vote down for not have problem... i want to see how much of people have problem...(my english so bad, i apologize for this)
  • Написал: jhoper99, 1 мая 2013 06:08, Статус: offline
  • Группа: Посетители
And also i want to add that ghost touch also occurs when you try using it while usb cable is plugged to the pc, it randomly touching the screen and starting to click some apps or like some one is playing the device, open the app closing the app, back or showing the running apps even if dont even touch it. And the only solution is unplug it to the pc then lock and unlock the problem disappears. what i could do is not using it while plug on my pc
  • Написал: jhoper99, 15 мая 2013 07:45, Статус: offline
  • Группа: Посетители
--Contcable to my phone i just need to press the lock screen then unlock, after that the problem is not occurring. But when you tried it again after plugging it to pc the problem will probably occur
  • Написал: teyzar, 16 мая 2013 02:31, Статус: offline
  • Группа: Посетители
One final thing in regards to Glove mode. From what i read it resets itself each time you SWIPE to unlock the screen and that's the way it detects how far your finger is away from the screen, i noticed you don't have swipe unlock when the screen is off -- possibly disabled it? Maybe enable that and see if there's any difference. Or turn glove mode off.
  • Написал: teyzar, 16 мая 2013 17:10, Статус: offline
  • Группа: Посетители
I just read that people in the past experienced this with Xperia Tipo and they used TouchFWTools to fix the problem...eventually Sony released a software fix.If you Google TouchFWTools it should be the first link (benignblog). Not sure if it will work on the SP or if it's just for Tipo, but might be worth a shot until unless the new firmware (.284) has fixed the problem already.
  • Написал: afiez, 6 июня 2013 12:31, Статус: offline
  • Группа: Посетители
my pohn not have this problem
  • Написал: rizky, 7 июня 2013 13:02, Статус: offline
  • Группа: Посетители
this is hoax or true?
  • Написал: jackandr, 14 июня 2013 05:16, Статус: offline
  • Группа: Посетители
Have you routed your phone? it seems as though you are using stock android which isn't available for the sp unless routed. Or is it a home screen changer?
  • Написал: sina, 19 июня 2013 18:15, Статус: offline
  • Группа: Посетители
I have also found a weird touch problem and uploaded a video.
  • Написал: ngggg93, 24 июня 2013 10:09, Статус: offline
  • Группа: Посетители
i also notice that.
  • Написал: shaji, 1 июля 2013 04:51, Статус: offline
  • Группа: Посетители
facing the same problem ..and when i checked on google many other users are also facing the same problem.. :(
  • Написал: czubski8, 2 июля 2013 07:44, Статус: offline
  • Группа: Посетители
Hey guys, try to calibrate g-sensor with "GPS Status &Toolbox" from Google Play. It works perfectly ;-)
  • Написал: harsimra, 3 июля 2013 13:43, Статус: offline
  • Группа: Посетители
same here man....whats the way out??
  • Написал: mmkdawn, 6 июля 2013 10:15, Статус: offline
  • Группа: Посетители
Had the same prob with my Xperia Sp .... bt wen i got a cover casing the problem was resolved .... :)
  • Написал: theblack, 16 июля 2013 21:30, Статус: offline
  • Группа: Посетители
You are having a Screen protector !
  • Написал: jonfensu, 18 июля 2013 03:28, Статус: offline
  • Группа: Посетители
NP, I understand....Anyways, Have you tried disabling the Glove Mode?
  • Написал: rondell, 30 июля 2013 10:59, Статус: offline
  • Группа: Посетители
maybe its because its rooted and running stock android